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The very word "Italy" conjures up many different images for travelers; some visitors will be interested in sites of historical significance, others go for the appreciation of fine art. For wine and dining enthusiasts, there are limitless opportunities to explore their passions, and the country, home to some of the world's most renowned fashion designers, is a shopper's paradise.

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Abano Terme Abbadia San Salvatore Abbiategrasso Acerra Aci Castello Aci Catena Acilia Acilia-Castel Fusano-Ostia Antica Acireale Acquaviva delle Fonti Acqui Terme Acri Adelfia Adrano Adria Afragola Agliana Agrate Brianza Agrigento Agropoli Airali Alassio Alatri Alba Alba Adriatica Albano Laziale Albenga Albignasego Albino Albisola Marina Albisola Superiore Alcamo Alessandria Alfonsine Alghero Alpignano Altamura Alte Ceccato Altopascio Alzano Lombardo Amalfi Amantea Amelia Ampognano Anagni Ancona Andreotta Andria Angri Anguillara Anguillara Sabazia Annifo Antria Anzio Aosta Apagni Appecano Apricena Aprilia Aproli Arbaz Arbetey Arbussey Arcesaz Archileggi Arco Arcola Arcore Ardea Arensod Arenzano Arese Arezzo Arezzola Argenta Argentella Ariccia Arlian Arlier Armanni Armenzano Arnad Arona Arpino Arpuilles Arrone Artalle Artaz Vieu Artena Arvello Arvier Arzachena Arzano Arzignano Ascoli Piceno Assemini Assignano Assisi Asti Atena Atri Attigliano Augusta Avellino Avendita Aversa Avezzano Aviano Aviano-Castello Avigliana Avigliano Avigliano Umbro Avise Avisod Avola Ayez Aymavilles Azzano Azzano Decimo Bologna Florence Genoa La Spezia Messina Milan Naples Padua Palermo Pisa Positano Rome Salerno Siena Sorrento Turin Venice Verona

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Italy is one of the world's great bastions for appreciation of family values, and travelers will see families enjoying all manner of activities together and possibly serve as an inspiration for their own lives.

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The best months for traveling in Italy are from April to June and mid-September to October-temperatures are usually comfortable, rural colors are richer, and the crowds aren't too intense. From July through early September the country's holiday spots teem with visitors. May and June usually see the highest hotel prices in Rome and Florence.

What To Do in Italy

It would be difficult for any visitor to be bored in Italy. Whether one's interest is historically significant architecture, masterpiece paintings and art, important religious monuments, shopping for designer clothing and shoes, feasting on the many different regional cuisines, or watching world famous football matches, there is something for everyone in a visit to Italy.

Eating in Italy

Although a small country, Italy has very distinct regional cuisines, but overall you can depend on dishes being simple in preparation, most with only 3-4 ingredients and highlighting local specialties. Italian chefs tend to focus on the quality of the ingredients rather than elaborate preparation and presentation.

In Northern Italy, it's common to find stuffed pasta, and many types of local fish and seafood preparations. In the center of the country, tomatoes rule, along with meat and pecorino cheese. In the south, there is much more emphasis on fresh local vegetables; in addition to tomatoes, peppers, olives, eggplant, zucchini and ricotta cheese are common ingredients.

Staying in Italy

Comparing your hotel room in Italy with chain hotels in other countries is a futile exercise; Italian hotel rooms are generally smaller, and in order to be as versatile as possible, will often contain two smaller beds instead of one large one. Bathrooms will feature bidets for personal cleaning, and the notion lately by hotels that they must furnish a free hot and complete breakfast has bypassed Italy for the most part.

It is possible that hotel employees will not be as attentive as you would generally expect. All types of accommodations are available, and in all price ranges, from small rooms to luxurious, well-appointed full service hotels. One of the primary criteria for choosing your accommodation like anywhere in the world, is its location in proximity to your travel needs.

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